Becoming a Leader is Becoming Yourself

People yearn for leaders who are authentic, who show their own face and not a game face, who find and use their voice in appropriate ways and act with a tangible sense of integrity. Those who engage in the process of leadership--each of us, at some point--want to do so as our true self. But staying true to one's self is not easy. We are continually moving in and out of authenticity. We are present one moment and absent the next. We often say "yes" when we want to say "no." We act from our core values some of the time, but give them a wink when the heat is on.

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Leadership and Spirit

In a world where individuals too often feel spent and uninspired on the job, leadership that fails to incorporate the invigorating power of spirit is nothing short of incomplete. Leadership & Spirit gives all of us the perspective and guidance we need to invest ourselves, our fellow workers, and our entire organizations with an essential sense of purpose, commitment, and fulfillment.

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The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook on Leadership Development

In this handbook over a dozen talented professionals join forces to outline the Center's philosophy and strategies. They present six proven methods of leadership development and illustrate how those methods have been successfully used in the real world. They give organizations a systematic approach and a means for evaluating the impact of their initiatives.

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The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development, 2nd Edition

This second edition of The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development brings together the wealth of practical knowledge that CCL has gained from this experience. It explores the essence of leadership development, reveals how individuals can effectively enhance their leadership skills, and demonstrates what organizations can do to help build leaders and leadership capacity. The book also includes a companion CD-ROM that contains a library of classic CCL publications.

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